Loch Arbour Lawn Fertilization

Loch Arbour Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization Loch Arbour

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We strive toward exceptional lawns with customer service that continues to impress. Frontier Tree & Turf is a trusted Lawn Care company specializing in Lawn Fertilization, weed control, grub control, overseeding and aeration.
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We want you to be thrilled with our service…so absolutely delighted you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors. Frankly, we want to care for your lawn forever…You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will re-do the item.

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Weed Control

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Weeds are plants out of place. A plant may be desirable in one situation and a weed in another. Weeds detract from the beauty of lawns due to the contrast in color and texture between the desired grass plants and the weeds. Identifying weeds and knowing their life cycles are essential to management.


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Frontier Tree & Turf offers a regular, fertilization program that will keep your grass lush, thick as well as disease and weed -free. Since our fertilization programs are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of your individual lawn, the time frame for treatments is not exact.


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Aeration is the making of holes in the lawns surface. The action of aerating will let the stale Carbon Dioxide air out of the soil and the fresh Oxygen rich air into the soil. The action of aerating will also stimulate and encourage root growth.

Grub Control

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If your grass turns brown and pulls up easily in July and August, or if you notice a lot of critters such as skunks tearing up your lawn, your grass may be infested with grubs. White grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles. They cause damage to lawns by feeding on the roots of grass.

Flea and Tick

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  • Blood-sucking fleas and ticks pose potential harm to your family and pets. They hide in your lawn and can cause problems from simple skin irritation to disease. Controlling fleas and ticks in your lawn is very important. Fleas and ticks prefer moist shaded areas for breeding.


    Overseeding is a straightforward process that gets the most from your seed and labor. Overseeding keeps your lawn competitive and steeped in youth and vigor, without starting over from scratch. You can help reinvigorate your lawn by overseeding.

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