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Allenhurst Lawn Seeding

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Whether your project is a small repair or a large post-construction installation, Frontier Tree & Turf can help with your sod and seeding needs.

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We use a combination of materials and methods to ensure your stand of turf comes in strong and stands a good chance of growing successfully:

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Sod – the quickest way to a green lawn, but comes in limited mix varieties. Large (6’ wide) rolls can be laid quickly by machine.
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Broadcast Seed – for clients who want a particular mix of different grass varieties. Can be spread by tractor, by fertilizer spreader, or by hand. Seed sits atop soil, making it prone to weather and animals

Slit Seed — again, for clients who want a specific blend of seed. Typically installed by tractor and slit seeded, which buries seed within the soil.

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Hydroseed – a blend of seed, wood fiber mulch, fertilizer, and water, spread mechanically. Seeds germinate more successfully than traditional sowing. New seedlings thrive with the greater protection provided by the mulch. Different seed mixes can all be applied by this method.

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All methods will require frequent watering until the stand of turf is established, sometimes a couple weeks, and then regular watering and fertilizer thereafter to ensure the lawn’s health.

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Check with Frontier Tree & Turf to see which method we feel will best suit your situation.

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