Atlantic Highlands Lawn Seeding

Atlantic Highlands Lawn Seeding

Lawn Seeding Atlantic Highlands

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Get the beautiful, healthy lawn you’ve always dreamed of having

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Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round – especially in the ever-changing climate here in Atlantic Highlands, NJ – isn’t easy. (We just make it look that way!)

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At Frontier Tree & Turf, our lawn care experts know the exact blend of nutrients, fertilizers, and control methods to help your lawn thrive from season to season. Let us give you the vibrant grass you want, effortlessly.
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A Lawn Care Program That Covers A to Z

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We like to be upfront and honest about our services. That’s why our 5-star lawn care program includes everything you need for your dream lawn at an affordable, no-haggle price. Every 4-6 weeks from April to October, we’ll treat your grass for a total of five applications:

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Balanced rate fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive all season long.
Iron to give your grass a healthy, green color especially in the heat.
Surfactant/Penetrant to make herbicides stick, spread, and soak into leaf tissue as well as help hold moisture and actually loosen the soil over time.

Overseeding Atlantic Highlands

Grounded/Deposition Aid that helps penetrate the pre-emergent herbicide into the soil and protect it from decomposing due to UVAs.

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  • Insect control blanket spray to control spring surface eating insects and protect your investment.
    Weed control with pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass, spurge and other grassy weeds and post-emergent herbicides for dandelions, thistle, bindweed, and more. This keeps the eyesores out of your lawn!

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