Shrewsbury Township Lawn Seeding

Shrewsbury Township Lawn Seeding

Lawn Seeding Shrewsbury Township

Lawn Seeding Shrewsbury Township Company

Frontier Tree & Turf

Having provided Broken Arrow Lawn Care for 30 years, YOU CAN DEPEND ON US TO GIVE YOU A BEAUTIFUL LAWN!!!

We are full service lawn care specialists in the Shrewsbury Township area offering a variety of services. From new landscaping to regular maintenance we are here to provide excellent service to you.
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At Frontier Tree & Turf Care we take pride in what we do. In fact, 90% of customers have been with us between 5 to 30 years. We understand how your lawn can improve the value of your home. Allow Frontier Tree & Turf handle your lawn treatment giving you time for more important things in life. Your investment is minimal and the return is great.

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We use only thoroughly researched and tested products – a winning combination of the most effective granulars and the highest efficiency liquids. Our treatments are based on area conditions and tailored to the particular needs of your lawn. We always use the highest quality materials and the most environmental caring approach.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Seeding Near Me Shrewsbury Township

The treatment options range from 6 rounds of fertilization as well as tree and shrub treatments. Adding, Azaleas Fertilization, Liquid Aeration, Tall Fescue Seeding, different types of soil testing to give you THICKER, HEALTHIER lawn without the hassle of doing it yourself.

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We’ll put your lawn on a balanced diet, fertilizing regularly with professional dry granular products designed to release gradually over several weeks.

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Other services include:

Lawn care, Pest Control, Tree & Shrubs, Liquid Aeration, Tall Fescue Seeding, Fungicides, Azaleas

Overseeding Shrewsbury Township

Fertilizing, Soil testing.
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