Tree Insect & Disease Control

About Frontier Tree Insect & Disease Control Services

From the shade they give to the fruit they bear, trees can be one of the most beautiful additions to your property. Unfortunately, insects are liable to claim your territory as theirs, and diseases will eat away at the beautiful lawn you’ve built. With its volatile weather and seasonal pests, New Jersey is especially prone to these destructive forces of nature.

At Frontier Tree, we know how much work you’ve put into your property, and we are committed to providing an extensive range of premier products to ensure that your lawn stays as luscious as the day you moved in.

From aphids and gypsy moths to Apple Scab and Dutch Elm Disease, there’s no time to delay when you suspect that a pest or disease has compromised the health of your tree. At Frontier, our team of Certified Tree Experts uses state-of-the-art tools and technology to diagnose and treat all causes of arboreal infestation and illness.

From the first sign of sickness, don’t delay. Call today.