Tree Fertilization

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Suburban and urban environments present a plethora of challenges for trees. In a natural, ideal environment such as the forest, trees are supplied with loose, nutrient rich soils from decomposing leaves and other matter. In neighborhoods and cities, however, trees are constantly competing for nutrients, water, and even oxygen, leading to stress and decline. Fertilization supplies trees and shrubs with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Fertilization Methods

Frontier Tree Company fertilizes trees by means of subsurface soil injection, also known as deep root feeding. Nutrients are injected into the soil every 2 feet in a circular pattern from around the base of the trunk, outwards to the dripline of the tree (where the branches/leaves outstretch from the tree the furthest). This ensures the nutrients are delivered directly to the entire root system of the tree for efficient uptake.

An Organic Approach

Frontier utilizes organic fertilizers and organic soil conditioners. These products not only provide the tree with nutrients, but also supply the soil with beneficial microorganisms and amendments to set the tree up for sustainable, long term health.

Shrub Fertilization

Frontier Tree Company also offers shrub fertilization programs to help keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.


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