Allenhurst Tree Insect Disease

Allenhurst Tree Insect Disease

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Tree Insect Disease Allenhurst Company

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Diagnosing and Treating Plant Problems
Addressing insect or disease situations is our primary business occupation.
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Air Spading

The air spade uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up soil, even hard clay without damaging roots, cables or buried utility lines.

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Pest Rx

We are committed to develop integrated pest management plans that use exclusion methods of control to help minimize pesticide usage whenever possible.

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Tree and Shrub Care

We specialize in insect and disease treatments but offer pruning, removal, planting and other services to cover all tree and shrub needs.

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Bio-Rational Insect and Disease Treatment Program

There are many options available to homeowners in their battle against tree insects and diseases. There is not just one way to treat pests. At Frontier Tree Company we have refined our program over 30 years to constantly balance safety and effectiveness in our treatment programs. We use the safest pesticides that also provide the best possible outcome for our trees and shrubs.

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As part of our program we use two techniques to help control risks associated with the use of pesticides: injections and reduced risk pesticides. These techniques, explained below, are sometimes the best option and sometimes the safest option. For some people who have pesticide sensitivity or who are just exceptionally cautious, these “reduced-risk” options may be the best solution.

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What are Injections?

There are two kinds of injections; soil injections and trunk injections. Both injection types do not involve traditional “spraying” and keep pesticides out of human contact.

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  • Soil Injection: Soil injections use hydraulic pressure to inject low risk pesticides into the ground. These pesticides are then absorbed by tree roots and dispersed throughout the tree canopy through its vascular system. The treatment is slow to become effective so soil injections should be done in the early spring to control for mid and late season pests. Treatments should be done in the fall to control for spring pests of the following season.