Englishtown Tree Insect Disease

Englishtown Tree Insect Disease

Tree Insect Disease Englishtown

Tree Insect Disease Englishtown Company

Frontier Tree Company

Frontier Tree Company is a true specialist in tree health and tree wellness.
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Aside from simple tree trimming and pruning, tree health involves combating external factors that many home owners and property owners are unaware of – factors such as over watering, under watering, insect infestation, disease and other tree stressors that affect their look and overall longevity of your trees.

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Insect control, tree disease control, soil nutrient and moisture assessments and deep root feeding are at the core of what we do.

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Bottom line – if you have a tree or shrub in questionable health, call Frontier Tree Company.

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Our Story

Many years ago, Frontier Tree Company owner began mowing yards for extra money while still in high school. He quickly learned he had a strong passion for landscaping and tree wellness. With time, his company Frontier Tree Company developed a unique system for caring for trees and shrubs.

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We have had a tremendous response to our unique deep root feedings of trees and flower beds. Our sick tree treatments have also been wildly successful turning around the stated of tired and sick trees and bringing them back to their full potential. Over the years in the landscaping and tree wellness business, we realized the need/demand for a full-service tree nursery. We filled that demand by opening Frontier Tree Company.

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See what the Frontier Tree Company team can do for your landscape by calling today!

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    Tree disease control
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