Lake Como Tree Insect Disease

Lake Como Tree Insect Disease

Tree Insect Disease Lake Como

Tree Insect Disease Lake Como Company

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Frontier Tree Company is both a manufacturer of 100% organic, all-natural, and standard soil amendments and bio-stimulants, as well as a distributor for many leading manufacturers of products for use by professional arborists, horticulturalists and most other green industry professionals.

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We offer product advice and technical assistance to both professionals and homeowners alike, making us one of the fastest growing sites for the do-it-yourself marketplace.

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Tree & Shrub Insect Pest & Disease Diagnoses & Treatment

Programs to treat insect and disease problems in your landscape first require a proper diagnosis or identification of the pest or disease plaguing your plants by a skilled, trained arborist. Afterward, a custom program can be designed to fit not only your budget, but also your needs for an environmentally sensible approach to manage any problems or pests in your landscape.

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Healthy Watch(TM)

Our Healthy Watch(TM) Service is the backbone of all our other Plant Health Care programs. Healthy Watch (TM) service gives our customers 5 annual property visits to your property by a trained, professional arborist at important times throughout the growing season to proactively find, identify and treat pest & disease problems before they severely damage or disfigure your trees or shrubs.

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The simple truth is most property owners aren’t trained observers looking for early warning signs and just don’t recognize a problem in their landscape until often it’s far too late. Healthy Watch (TM) finds problems early with the resulting treatment being far more likely to succeed, much less expensive and generally with less aggressive methods having less negative environmental impact.

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Beneficial Insect Lure

Attracting Beneficial insect such as ladybugs, green lacewing, and many others to your garden or landscape is a safe, natural and economical approach to controlling h armful insect pest populations while reducing the use of chemical pesticides.

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  • Ask your arborist how incorporating this method into your overall plant health care program will work for you.

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