Manalapan Township Tree Insect Disease

Manalapan Township Tree Insect Disease

Tree Insect Disease Manalapan Township

Tree Insect Disease Manalapan Township Company

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Large Tree Disease & Insect Control

Large trees are the most overlooked plants in the landscape. We often take their grandeur for granted.
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These large members of the landscape add beauty and shade to our properties. A properly managed tree health program can add years to your large trees.

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Frontier Tree Company treats large trees with natural sources of fertilizer which work to feed and improve the health of the soil which in turn feeds and improves the health of the tree.

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We use high-pressure injections of beneficial microorganisms and slow-release fertilizer. Our expert staff makes sure your trees receive the attention they deserve.

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Deep Root Feeding

Ornamental and large trees are some of the most neglected plants in the landscape, especially when they are located in turf areas. In deep root feeding, a probe is inserted into the soil, and a high-pressure liquid is delivered which provides fertilizer and organic additives, and breaks up soil compaction.

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Contact Frontier Tree Company today for information on this valuable service, especially if you have new trees and landscape.

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Tree Injections

Disease and insect control for large trees is accomplished by an injection directly into the tree trunk. The natural sap action of the tree moves the treatment throughout the branch and root systems. This is the most economical and environmentally friendly method for application of these products to large trees. All insecticides, fungicides, and fertilities are confined within the tree instead of being released into the environment. We offer a wide variety of injections to improve and maintain the health of your large trees: Bactericide, Fertilization, Fungicide, Imicide, and Insecticide.

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