Marlboro Township Tree Insect Disease

Marlboro Township Tree Insect Disease

Tree Insect Disease Marlboro Township

Tree Insect Disease Marlboro Township Company

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Pruning is the oldest and most widely performed tree maintenance procedure. Trees growing in an urban environment have different needs than forest trees.
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Trees in the forest flourish with only natural branch shedding. Urban trees and landscape trees should be pruned on a regular basis to promote health and beauty.

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Some of the many reasons for tree pruning include:

Dead branches
Diseased or otherwise weak branches
Crowded or rubbing branches
Overweight branches (to prevent storm damage)
Visibility of structures and traffic areas
Clear roofs and other structures
Curb appeal and to help sell your home
Pest problems such as ants and squirrels
Holiday decorations will stand out more
Protect holiday guests from falling dead branches
Increase light penetration for your lawn, gardening and landscaping

Proactive or preventive pruning is the best measure to ensure your trees health and to lower the risk of damage during thunderstorms or winter storms.

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There are many pruning procedures that we can implement to achieve these goals.

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They include: crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising and crown reduction. We prune trees without climbing spikes and adhere to accepted industry standards.

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Stump Grinding

Old stumps attract termites, carpenter ants and other insects and diseases. Stumps also get in the way of mowing and can damage mowing equipment. Stumps can get in the way of gardening in general or may be in the prime spot for a great vegetable garden.

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We can get stumps out fast and affordably without lawn damage and it will make your mowing much easier add to the beauty of your property and lawn. Increase your homes curb appeal by getting those old stumps out.

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