Sea Bright Tree Insect Disease

Sea Bright Tree Insect Disease

Tree Insect Disease Sea Bright

Tree Insect Disease Sea Bright Company

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Services Include:

Tree Evaluations
Restoration, preservation, and management plans
Environmentally-friendly injectable nutrient and insecticide programs
Critical Area buffer and forest management plans
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Tree Evaluations & Restoration,
Preservation and Management Care Plans

Just like us, trees need regular check-ups and regular care. Frontier Tree Company involves the cultivation of trees and shrubs in the context of the landscape.

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This means we need to understand how they grow, and how they respond to cultural practices and the environment. We also examine aspects of cultivation such as selection, planting, care, and removal. By regularly evaluating a tree’s health and providing it structural support, pruning and feeding, we can keep a tree in balance.

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This is particularly important in the first seven years of a tree’s life while the tree is in its most formative stage.

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Elements of a Risk Assessment:

Inspect co-dominance of tree’s limbs. Determine if limbs are growing incorrectly and jeopardizing the tree’s base and strength.
Inspect cracks in the tree to determine if the tree is rotten or has insects.
Evaluate the tree for signs of stress, including cankers.

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Evaluate the tree’s root system to see if it is lifting.
Evaluate your property for high-risk or potentially hazardous trees and recommend a course of action and care guidelines.

Integrative Pest Management (IPM)

When trees become sick, Frontier Tree Company can provide interventions to help the tree’s health. Interventions include monitoring and treatment of the trees’ ecosystem to ensure that it remains healthy, safe and suitable for property owners and community standards.

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Damage and destruction caused by insects and diseases can severely limit the ability of trees and shrubs in your landscape to manufacture the sugars and substances needed to remain healthy. Frontier Tree Company believes in using environmentally-friendly techniques for handling pests and disease.

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