Union Beach Tree Insect Disease

Union Beach Tree Insect Disease

Tree Insect Disease Union Beach

Tree Insect Disease Union Beach Company

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Frontier Tree Company has been the New Jersey choice for quality tree service since 2006.
We have ISA Certified Arborists and Tree Workers on staff, to ensure you get the highest quality service for your trees.
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As a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Union Beach, NJ Community Tree Council, we constantly keep up with the latest advancements and common issues/diseases in tree care.
So, whether you have a young tree that isn’t growing as well as you would like, or you have a large property that needs an annual tree care plan, Tree Pros has the ability to meet your needs.

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Frontier Tree Company is fully insured and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Make Your Trees Beautiful, Healthy & Strong

The trees in your compound provide shade and beautify your property. When they are healthy, your home’s curb appeal is increased and the value of your home is enhanced. But if your trees are not groomed and monitored, disease can set in and turn your beautiful trees into hazards waiting to happen.
As tree experts in Union Beach, we want to help you maintain healthy trees and with our diagnosis and disease treatment systems, we can achieve this. Some of the elusive signs of tree disease can repeatedly be missed by a property owner. Moss or fungus growing on tree branches and tree trunks is one of many signs of a sick tree. We offer the most effective and comprehensive disease treatments as we can quickly identify symptoms of sick trees.

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Because disease weakens trees and invites pests such as termites to your lawn, it is therefore very imperative that you monitor your trees for disease infection. Someone can be injured by a diseased branch of a tree or an entire tree can pose a danger if the trunk is infected by the disease. Disease can spread to the roots of the tree and weaken it to the point of being dangerous.

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With our expertise, we can diagnose tree disease and make the right disease treatment recommendations. In most cases, we save your trees with injections designed to fight off disease and remove destructive insects. In some cases, we recommend the removal of the tree if the tree is badly infected and cannot be salvaged.
The sources of tree diseases are:
Soil Conditions
Weather Conditions (Wind Damage, Monsoons!)
Herbicide Injury
Maintenance Practices
Improper Pruning or Trimming
Freeze Damage
There are so many diseases that affect landscape shrubs and trees, they include
Apple Scab
Bacterial Leaf Scorch
Black Knot
Iron Chlorosis
Rhizosphaera Needlecast
Sudden Oak Death
Tar Spot of Maple
Verticillium Wilt

The identification of the disease and pest leads to the complete control of the tree disease. The Identification of the disease is important because though most diseases can be controlled; there are some that cannot be controlled.

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Tree disease treatment can be achieved through more than one method, depending on the particular disease that is infecting your trees. Tree diseases can be controlled by spraying or injecting fungicides into the soil around the trees or into the trunk of the tree. Tree fertilization, tree pruning or altering the watering habits of trees, can also lead to a reduction in tree infection.

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If you notice that your trees are not sprouting leaves as they should or that the branches are drooping, immediately give us a call. We can diagnose the problem and use our tree injections to bring your trees back to life. We will immediately send out one of our experienced professionals to get started on your tree.

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