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Asbury Park Lawn Seeding

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Frontier Tree & Turf, offers a program for seeding/reseeding grass (and forb) species in pastures, small acreages and other locations to aid in water retention and prevent soil erosion.

Benefits of seeding

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Frontier Tree & Turf Prevents weeds from infesting fields.
Improves soil microbiology.
Reduces erosion and runoff.
Increases water penetration.
Improves aesthetics of properties.
Cleans the air. In fact, a 50’x50’ grass area will provide enough oxygen for a family of four. [1]
Cools the environment. Summer air temperatures above a grass stand will be up to 30 degrees cooler than above a paved area. [2]

Best Asbury Park Lawn Seeding

Truax Method

We use a 10-foot Truax Flex II no-till drill to incorporate seed into the soil.
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· The drill has three seed boxes which allows us to plant cool season, warm season and small legume seeds. (Cool season grasses are recommended)

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· We can also plant a combination of all three together. Plus, we can include wildflower seed.

· The no-till drill is ideal for reseeding because it creates minimal damage to the soil.

· The drill features notched concave coulters and depth bands that are followed by press wheels to make sure that there is sufficient seed to soil contact.

· We also offer a Truax seed slinger for rent that attaches to a four-wheeler for hard to reach areas view the WGCD equipment rentals.

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Acquiring the Seed

The landowner will be responsible for seed costs. The Frontier Tree & Turf will assist the landowner in selecting an appropriate seed mix based on soil analysis and/or recommendations from NRCS. Native species such as Blue Grama, Buffalo grass, Sideoats Grama, and Western Wheatgrass are recom mended.

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