Freehold Township Lawn Seeding

Freehold Township Lawn Seeding

Lawn Seeding Freehold Township

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Plants need oxygen as much as they need carbon dioxide, but they need oxygen in their root areas. As people walk, play and cut the lawn with heavy equipment, they compact the soil, squeezing it together and removing spaces that oxygen normally fills.
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Plants use oxygen when they metabolize (break down) the sugar they store from photosynthesis. Without oxygen for this process, plants will literally starve. In addition to improving oxygen availability for plants, it also improves life for beneficial soil organisms.

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Lawn aeration allows water to filter more consistently through soil, and helps reduce problems with thatch. Keep in mind that there is no better way of preventing weeds and crabgrass than having a thick healthy lawn. Fall aeration and seeding is the key to next year’s success!!

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Freehold Township, NJ
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While many companies offer low price seeding that get low price results Frontier Tree & Turf of Freehold Township thrives on giving you the best lawn possible. Our state of the art machinery delivers a uniform pattern and consistent depth which allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root system. All turf areas are aerated to ensure a proper aeration. We use only the highest quality seed to obtain amazing results.

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We offer 2 different seeding programs to fit your budget. In both programs, we aerate the entire lawn area, apply proper amounts of high quality seed (too much and too little seed can produce poor results) but in our Gold Seeding Package, you also receive 2 applications that we feel is important to the seeding results.

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  • Quick releasing lime and seed starter fertilizer ensure amazing results. We guarantee our results and will gladly touch up any spots if you have followed our simple directions.

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