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If you feel that our work is not satisfactory, or you think that we did not show up, simply call or e-mail a short and courteous request and we will send our lawn mowing crew back to re-mow your lawn at no additional charge – either the same day or as scheduling permits!
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Frontier Tree & Turf offers a variety of service options for lawn mowing to serve our customers. All lawn service agreements require a (6) trip minimum and continue from year to year until the service is cancelled.

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We do run an extended schedule to include winter service. We offer weekly or bi-weekly service March through December and then we switch all accounts to tri-weekly during the months of January and February.

Customers can choose to go “next season” at any time in which we will reserve their mow day and mowing rate for the next season.

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Lawn Mowing is certainly unavoidable if you happen to be a lawn owner. There are two options to consider also – you have to learn the basics and do it yourself or engage the services of any organic lawn care Dallas to handle it for you. If you must do it yourself, you may have to find out the best mowing time for the different seasons of the year.

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In this write-up, we have an answer for a question like ‘what is the best time to cut your lawn in summer?’ Check out these suggestions below to find out more.

It is generally advisable to cut your lawn in the evening because your lawn would be mostly dry by this time compared to the morning period when there will be dew on it.

Moist grass isn’t ideal for mowing as it causes the mower to rip out grasses instead of cutting evenly. In addition, if there is a disease infestation, it will be easier for it to spread through the moisture than if the lawn grasses were dry.
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Cutting in the evening also means your lawn grasses won’t have to suffer exposure to the sun’s scorching heat just yet and will have time to regain some nutrients from their metabolic activities before facing the sun in the morning.

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For more guidance on how to go about this for best results, seeking help through any professional lawn care services Allentown might be a good option.

If there is a drought going on in your area, this isn’t the best time to cut your lawn. The line of action to take should be to grown your lawn grass even further and water it to combat the drying out and dying off of your grasses.

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  • Lawn mowing in the summer should be considered properly and all relevant factors checked before proceeding.

    If in doubt about how to manage your lawn during the summer, you can always check with a Lawn service company in Allentown for a professional consultation.