Allenhurst Tree Fertilization

Allenhurst Tree Fertilization

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Tree Fertilization Allenhurst Company

Frontier Tree Company has been serving Allenhurst, NJ for over 30 years!

We are a full service, locally owned and operated Residential & Commercial tree Care Company. From tree pruning to removal and just about every tree need in between we take pride in our service.
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We also provide Plant Health Care services and annual tree and shrub feritilization programs to protect and enhance your landscape investment.

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We are a second generation family business that has grown throughout the years because we care about our reputation and about our clients and the landscapes they entrust us with.

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With increasing competition, (legal and some illegal), increasing operational costs, and a roller coaster economy, we are presented with new challenges daily. We consistently strive to keep our costs fair and moderate for the services we provide. We are a fully licensed and insured company and hold many qualifications and certifications that ensure our expertise and set us apart from most of our competitors. Call today for an estimate or consultation at 732.671.0372

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Serving Allenhurst, NJ Since 1958
Modern Equipment
Certified Arborist and Licensed Applicator’s on staff
Specialists in Tree Preservation and Tree and shrub health
Small Jobs & Large Jobs
Insured PL & PD and workers compensation
State Licensed Contractor #673947

Plant Health Care

Recent Client Service Area: 07711

Plant Care
Did you know that soil compaction is one of the primary killers of trees? There are however, many insects and diseases that affect our landscape as well. Inadequate soil conditions are the main factor when it comes to stress in trees and plants.

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We offer many services to help maintain health and vigor in trees, plants, and lawns. If your trees and shrubs are not thriving, they could be suffering from one of these or many other conditions. Don’t trust just anyone with your landscape investment, ask for a certified arborist. Call today for a consultation.

  • Tree Maintenance Allenhurst
  • Plant Health Care Services:
    Annual Tree & Shrub Fertilization & Nutrition Plans
    Soil Fracturing & Aeration
    Insect & Disease Management
    Sick Tree Consultation, Diagnosis, and Treatment
    Micro-Injection, Systemic programs
    Spraying (Fruit Inhibition, Insect Management)