Farmingdale Tree Fertilization

Farmingdale Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Farmingdale

Tree Fertilization Farmingdale Company

Frontier Tree Company
Complete Tree Maintenance

With years of experience trimming, treating, and maintaining trees, our crews have the skills to conduct tree services to your satisfaction.
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Our staff ISA Certified Arborist monitors all tree related services ensuring professional tree care to industry standards. Our tree maintenance crews are trained and experienced climbers composed of specialized teams of trained workers.

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Each trained tree worker is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to maximize safety and efficiency.

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Combining this approach with an ongoing and intensive training program enables us to guarantee client satisfaction every time. Whether you need tree pruning, Mychorrizal treatments, fertilizer injections, insecticide treatments, or you simply need to inventory the trees on your project; we offer the complete tree care services.

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Arborist Consulations and Tree Evaluations
Disease Diagnosis and Treatments
Professional Prunning and Shaping
Ornamental Trimming and Lacing
Crown Restorations
Removals and Stump Grinding
Pest Diagnosis and Treatments
Complete Cleanup and Hauling

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Integrated Pest Management
With Licensed Pesticide Applicator’s on staff, Frontier Tree Company has been involved with the practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) since our beginnings.

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We utilize a proactive biological pest control utilizing beneficial insects that can prevent many landscape problems before they begin.

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  • We have successfully implemented many IPM programs utilizing the most proactive, efficient, and economical approach to pest problems that uses the full range of pest control tactics, including biological, mechanical, and chemical control when necessary. With over 40 years of experience identifying weed and disease problems, it is no wonder we have been satisfying customers all over Farmingdale, NJ!