Long Branch Tree Fertilization

Long Branch Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Long Branch

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Frontier Tree & Turf is a small family owned business that specializes in providing quality tree care for your valuable shade trees and ornamental.
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Commercial Services

At Frontier Tree & Turf we understand the need for prompt professional service to complete your tree and shrub care needs. A well-maintained landscape is a direct reflection of the professional image of your organization. And who better to care for your landscape, then the ISA ® Certified Arborists and professional field staff of Frontier Tree & Turf.

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Disease and Insect Management

Seeing the actual sign of an insect or disease [i.e. noticing a caterpillar(s) or mushroom(s)], can be an alarming event especially on your favorite tree. But, the professionals at Frontier Tree & Turf can address the issue, and take it one step further. We implement a hollistic approach to managing our clients’ landscapes, and the root cause of the insect or disease problem may be a stressed plant from other impending issues.

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An Arborist Representative will assess the tree or shrub in question and the surrounding site to gain a thorough understanding of the problem. And, in turn will make a recommendation for the therapeutic action required. Plus, provide additional recommendations for the future best management of the tree or shrub’s health.

Why Fertilize?

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Trees growing in the forest can replenish vital nutrients by a process known as nutrient recycling. Nutrient recycling is when a forest tree attains much needed nutrients from broken down leaf and branch matter that lay on the forest floor.

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But, in most landscapes the fallen leaf and branch matter is removed to keep a formal groomed appearance. This eliminates the key nutrient source for the tree, requiring the tree to need a supplemental source. Deep root fertilization is employed to supply the tree with the needed amount of nutrients to sustain a healthy vigor.

The Process

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  • An Arborist Representative will evaluate the site and take a few soil samples to have analyzed for specific nutrient and pH requirements for the tree or shrub. Once the soil test data is established, a fertilization recommendation will be provided based upon the deficiencies identified.

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