Neptune City Tree Fertilization

Neptune City Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Neptune City

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Looking for Neptune City, NJ Tree care? Contact Frontier Tree Company.
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We provide exceptional Neptune City Tree Service, Neptune City Landscaping, Neptune City Landscape design among many other services including tree pruning, stump grinding, lightning protection, fertilization, cabling and bracing, plant health care, winter moth control, hemlock woolly adelgid control, tick and mosquito control, lawn renovations, lawn installations, aeration, seeding, disease and weed control, athletic field maintenance, landscaping, new plantings, tree and shrub transplants and residential design.

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If you live in the Neptune City, NJ area and are looking for tree & landscape care, with extreme customer focus, by a supremely talented team committed to
operational excellence, contact our certified arborist that services the Neptune City area.

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When a tree or shrub begins to provide real enjoyment or is becoming very special, it is time to consider fertilizing and other care to preserve them.

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Plants extract water and elements from the soil to fuel growth, promote defense and conduct photosynthesis. In a ‘native’ environment these resources are provided when organic matter is recycled on the forest floor naturally.

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However, when planted in less favorable conditions such as a lawn area or near a road, supplementing those resources can become necessary.

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A soil test is the only way to accurately determine what is needed, our certified arborists use this information to make appropriate fertilizing recommendations.

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