Spring Lake Tree Fertilization

Spring Lake Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Spring Lake

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Tree & Shrub Services: Deep Root Tree Fertilization.
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Fertilization goes beyond the lawn, it can be beneficial for your trees and shrubs as well. Deep Root Feeding is a high quality nutrient solution which is injected directly into the root zone/structure of the tree providing oxygen, nutrients and reducing soil compaction.

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This service will help the general health of your trees and shrubs as well as aid in the recovery of any stresses it may have endured (insects, disease, drought, winter stress, etc.) during the previous growing seasons.

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The root zone (roughly 6″-10″ below the surface) is targeted under the canopy of the tree in multiple locations, this aerates the soil allowing for more oxygen and room for your roots, along with the nutrients that are injected.

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Tree Fertilization and Root health can also be coupled with other services: Insecticide, Essential, BioRUSH, Iron, and Disease-specific fungicides.

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Improves the health of trees, shrubs and landscaped plants
Promotes healthy roots and leaf development
Aids in recovery from environmental, insect or disease stresses
Aerates and loosens soil around root zone for better oxygen flow (especially helpful in heavy clay)
Adds nutrients back into the soil that may be missing

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Frontier Tree Company. offers a variety of services for your turf, tree and shrub needs.

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