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Aberdeen Township Tree Pruning

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We provide the best-in-class tree service in Aberdeen Township. By focusing on training and safety, we care for you and your trees at the highest level. Your property is in expert hands: No job is too tall!

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Regular Tree Maintenance Guidelines

Remove branches that are dead or dying. Interfering branches or branches with obvious defects such as longitudinal cracks or fungus can also be removed.

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Cuts should be made close to the trunk or parent stem, but shouldn’t intrude the “collar” of growth that connects the trunk to the limb. The ideal cut leaves no protruding stub, but isn’t flush with the trunk either. Leaving the bulging collar growth will allow the cut to heal over more quickly.

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Cuts should be made as smoothly as possible, without tearing the bark or allowing it to peel down the trunk.

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If the end of a limb is to be trimmed, it should be cut back to a leader of suitable size. Otherwise known as the drop-crotch method, this allows the trimmed limb to heal over because there is already a lot of growth present at the point of healing. The remaining leader should be at least a third the diameter of the pruned stem.

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Climbing spikes (a.k.a. gaffs or spurs) aren’t healthy for trees and should only be used in an emergency, such as when a climber is injured. Of course, they’re fine for trees that are to be removed.
Wherever vines have invaded a tree they should be cut at the base of the tree and allowed to die. Vines will eventually take over the canopy of a tree and kill it, and in the meantime they do damage to the bark, causing rot and allowing animals and disease to enter.

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  • People should be discouraged from nailing things into trees. As the tree grows, it will grow over almost anything that is attached to it (It’s not unheard of to find whole electrical boxes or even rifles inside of trees). The bark of the tree will become rusty and contorted around the foreign objects, and it can also be unhealthy. For this reason, when a tree is trimmed, it’s a good idea to pull out all the attached hardware unless it’s being used for something important.