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There are many reasons for pruning trees and shrubs. We live with trees every day, and it is important to manage the risk associated with daily interactions with those trees.
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We prune trees to keep our homes safe, the neighbors jealous, and the value of our homes increasing. We see our role in Belmar as being good stewards of the environment. Trees are some of the mightiest structures on Earth, and they deserve tender loving care (commonly referred to as TLC).
Safety Pruning
Much of our time is spent in the crowns of large trees.

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We are up there for a number of reasons, but primarily, we are pruning trees to reduce their chance of failure.

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Using ropes and gear specifically made for climbing trees, we move around the trees, removing deadwood, broken limbs, limbs with tight angles of attachment, and reducing weight on horizontal limbs.

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Throw balls are used to set climbing lines in the tree. A good toss can reach heights of 80-90 feet. Climbers install friction savers from the ground, which prevents damage to bark cambium.

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The climber has to get as high in the tree as he can, in order to have a good angle on the rest of the tree. Work positioning is key to getting the job done safely.

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In larger trees, our climbers might be up in the crown of a single tree for three or four hours.

Structural Pruning

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  • A good way to ensure a healthy, strong crown is to prune a tree when it is young. Young tree pruning corrects co-dominant leaders, weak angles of branch attachment, and gives a tree a much better chance of surviving a storm event later on in its life.