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Frontier Tree Company is a full-service tree care provider located in Hazlet Township New Jersey. We offer free estimates on all of our tree services and strive to make it convenient for you by having flexible bidding appointments. All of our arborists are certified, licensed, and insured. Educating the customer with our expertise and specialized training allow us to deliver phenomenal customer service.

Our Emergency team is here and ready to help. An after hours emergency can be a very stressful event. Rest assured that our professionals have you covered. We do crane service for large trees and have a custom bucket truck that make no emergency more than we can handle.

Call the only tree service in Hazlet Township, who are dedicated in maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. Frontier Tree Company Omaha customizes each tree and project. If for any reason you need 24 hours service, please call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tree & Stump Removal Hazlet Township, NJ

Proper Tree Trimming / Tree Pruning Techniques

Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed

•Trim/prune away the surplus of interior tree branches.
•Trimming branches growing toward or on the house.
•Remove lower hanging branches over sidewalks and streets to meet city ordinance requirements.
•Branches hanging over the driveway that can damage property or vehicles.
•Trim branches growing into buildings.
•Trimming branches to get more sunlight on your yard/house.
•Trim dead tree branches.
•Remove broken tree branches or hangers.

Types of Trimming / Pruning Services We Offer:

This type of trimming allows for more air flow throughout the tree’s canopy area. More sunlight will shine on your lawn promoting a better looking yard and will allow for more air flow preventing stress on interior branches.

With this type of trimming we raise the height of lower hanging leaders. In Hazlet Township, NJ, branches must clear 10’ feet over sidewalks and 14’ over streets.

This technique is used when your tree has outgrown its intended area. It involves pruning back the height and width of the upper portion of the crown.