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Tree pruning is one of our most popular services.
Pruning is the most common tree and shrub maintenance program we offer. It involves carefully removing dead, damaged, diseased or otherwise unwanted tree branches. Proper pruning of trees will add to their aesthetic value, improve their strength and maintain their safety.
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It’s important that pruning be done properly – improper pruning can cause irreparable damage, create hazards and even shorten a tree’s life.

There are many good reasons to prune trees, including the following:

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Removing diseased, dead, or storm-damaged branches that look ugly and could hurt someone
Thinning the crown to allow for new growth and better air circulation (which makes for a healthier tree)
Reducing the height of the tree (note that we do NOT top trees)
Removing lower branches that are blocking walkways or branches that are hitting your house
Enhancing your views
Shaping a tree so it looks better
There are three general types of tree pruning – pruning for safety, health and aesthetics.

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Pruning for safety involves removing damaged or diseased branches while reducing the risk of failure from wind and snow loads, and maintaining the structural integrity of the tree. This usually means removing branches that could fall and damage your property or hurt someone.

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Pruning for tree health makes trees healthier by removing diseased or insect-infested wood, promoting air flow and removing crossing or rubbing branches.

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Pruning for aesthetics is done to enhance the natural form and character of your trees and shrubs. We can improve the shape of the tree, open up your view, and ensure proper tree structure.

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Whether it’s a mature tree that needs corrective or preventative pruning, a young tree that needs pruning to develop a strong structure and desirable form, or a landscape shrub, your plants will benefit from pruning by a Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO). Proper pruning takes knowledge and experience in both the science and art of pruning.

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  • Most trees need pruning to look their best and stay strong and healthy. Give us a call at 732.671.0372 and we’ll be happy to take a look at your trees and give you an assessment of what kind of pruning would be best. Our estimates are quick, fair and objective.