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Farmingdale Tree Removal

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Our Farmingdale tree service company strives to create a world where trees and humans live in harmony through the practices of arboriculture, restoration ecology and non-commercial forestry.
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Frontier Tree Company mission is to protect Farmingdale forest canopy, both urban and rural, by providing professional arborist services for new and established trees. Vast forests of incredible height once covered much of the Earth with species that evolved in the environments they were living in. We have removed these wise and ancient forests and replaced them with monocultures of genetically similar individuals (Douglas fir plantations for example). Farmingdale urban areas are filled with trees growing apart from the ecosystems in which they evolved, constricted by concrete and shaped, often harshly, to fit our parameters.

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Frontier Tree Company tree maintenance, tree preservation and ecological restoration services mimic natural processes, replacing the diversity and missing components in the ecosystems, and guide rather than force trees to co-exist with us.

Frontier Tree Company professional arborists are dedicated to providing the best possible tree service for our tree care clients, whether it be tree and shrub pruning, tree preservation, consulting, tree removal, tree risk assessment, cabling and bracing, tree house building or other arboricultural services.

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Our Farmingdale, NJ based arborists offer services consistent with the current state of the science for arboriculture and restoration ecology. All of the tree care services we provide are assessed for efficacy and tailored to your needs and the needs of your plants and their environment. If we are unable to provide our clients ethical and effective tree services, we will help you locate a company that can.

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How to Choose a Tree Care Company
Tree care services vary greatly, as do their prices. It only makes sense to protect your investment in your landscape trees by choosing the right tree care company.

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Please consider these important factors when comparing estimates. Companies who meet all of these requirements are likely to provide you with a high level of professionalism, safety, and excellence in tree care. Feel free to use this worksheet when making your decision.

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Restoration Ecology
Frontier Tree Company offers a custom assessment, design and implementation services for your tree restoration projects, large or small…

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  • Arboriculture / Tree Care
    Frontier Tree Company offers a wide range of tree services, including pruning, cabling, tree removal and replacement, pre-construction consulting, tree selection and planting…
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