Lake Como Tree Removal

Lake Como Tree Removal

Tree Removal Lake Como

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At Lake Como, NJ we love trees. We believe that trees make the world a better, healthier, place to live.

Our tree care philosophy is to provide you with expert service, in an environmentally friendly way. You will always work with a Certified Arborist to help you make the right decisions to help your trees live longer and improve your property value. You’ll love the way your trees look after our service or your money back. Simple, honest, and hassle-free.
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Tree Pruning
Pruning is a part of your tree’s regular maintenance program. Cleaning out weak, diseased, and dead limbs on a routine basis, improves the look and safety of every tree in your yard.

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Our ISA Certified Arborists® prune according to Best Management Practices created by the International Society of Arboriculture.

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Deep Root Fertilization
Our Deep Root Fertilization program delivers organic nutrients to your trees and shrubs at the roots, where they need them the most.

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Our spring fertilizer wakes your plants and trees for the growing season and promotes lush, green foliage.

In the fall, our fertilizer provides nutrients that promote root growth, preparing your plants for the oncoming winter.

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In addition, each visit also includes our own special Bio-Tea Compost Tea, brewed daily at our shop.

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Tree & Shrub Removal
The decision to remove a tree should not be taken lightly. Removals should only be performed by a qualified company that employs skilled workers who operate in a safe and efficient manner.

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All of Frontier Tree Company employees wear appropriate safety gear and are trained to remove trees in difficult to reach locations.

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Cable and Bracing
Trees with cracks, splits, and “V” shaped branches may be healthy, but structurally unsound. Instead of removing your tree, we can often save it by installing cables and braces.

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  • Bracing systems are stronger than the original wood and are more cost-effective than removal. We also offer annual inspections free of charge to help ensure that your tree remains healthy and safe for years to come.

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