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Little Silver Tree Removal

Tree Removal Little Silver

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Frontier Tree Company – Licensed Tree Experts serving Little Silver, NJ

We work with consideration and care for any surrounding trees, lawns, landscapes, neighbor’s property and safety ALWAYS in mind! We never place trucks or equipment on your valuable & delicate property because there simply is no reason to! We can safely & efficiently climb, prune or remove trees & limbs without causing any damage or disruption.
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For over 30 years we have provided professional tree service to Little Silver home owners, businesses and land owners; we look forward to serving your tree needs too! What makes us different is our commitment to standards, organization and accountability.

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From the moment we schedule your estimate on the phone to the day we complete cleanup & blow off the driveway or curb you will know the difference. You will be pleased by the level of knowledge, communication, and skills of our staff. It’s simple, when you treat everyone with respect, and offer unparalleled tree service at a fair price.

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Call us today at 732.671.0372, and you will know why we are so confident in your satisfaction.

There is a lot of confusion regarding whether trees can or cannot be removed and what the tree trimming laws say about cutting down that pesky branch. Frontier Tree Company are experts in tree management and can devise a strategy for any tree. You’d be surprised at what you actually can remove and how the tree trimming laws may or may not affect you. Our licensed tree experts can come to your property, and inform you of all local regulations and tree trimming laws. We can develop a report for your tree and help you apply for the tree to be removed if necessary.

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Tree removal services in Little Silver by Frontier Tree Company offers tree removal and pruning services all year round. Tree removal should only be performed by an experienced expert for a number of reasons. The main reason, of course is safety. Tree removal can very well require that a tree be climbed and cut or felled from the ground.

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Tree removal is the absolute last resort when it comes to dealing with a problem tree; however, there are certainly circumstances under which it is necessary. The Licensed Tree Experts (LTE) at Frontier Tree Company have both the experience and the equipment to efficiently remove unwanted and sick trees.

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Follows is a list of the most common reasons for tree removal:

The tree is dying or dead.
The tree is obstructing the owner’s access or view.
The tree is causing a hazard.
The tree is harming other trees due to overcrowding.

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  • As one might imagine, these actions of removing a tree are incredibly dangerous and should only be performed by an expert. Another reason is legal. Not every tree can be cut or trimmed. While a tree might be on your land, the tree still, in a sense, is somewhat owned by the community in the eyes of the law. Frontier Tree Company is intimately familiar with the laws and codes of Little Silver, NJ with respect to the removal and pruning of trees and shrubbery. We also do stump removal. Give us a call or fill out the request form for a free quote.