Union Beach Tree Removal

Union Beach Tree Removal

Tree Removal Union Beach

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Frontier Tree Company Union Beach, NJ Services for over 30 years

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We are a full-service tree care company dedicated to its clients and their trees. All our work is done by a crew of professionally trained grounds men and climbers.
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Every job is supervised by a responsible and experienced Foreman to ensure safety and reliability. We are licensed and fully insured including workman’s compensation insurance. With over 30 years of experience you can rest assured we have the knowledge and capability to handle all of your tree care needs.

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Frontier Tree Company is a member of the T.C.I.A.™ Voice of Tree Care. We pride ourselves in being reasonably priced and offering the highest quality of services, both Commercial Services and Residential Services.

Professional tree removal in Union Beach, NJ is what we do

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We are in business to take the risk out of removing trees from your property. Depending on the size, type, age and condition of a tree, this task can quickly become hazardous.

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For that reason, tree removal is best handled by certified arborists! With over 30 years serving the greater Union Beach, NJ area, we have the staff and equipment to remove trees without harming the environment, your property or nearby trees and structures.

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We strive to achieve a low impact tree removal through our tried and true, methodical process. This ensures that your surrounding landscape is not harmed or bothered in the process. It is important to keep an eye on your trees. As trees age they can sometimes be the victim of stresses and diseases. It is imperative that as trees lose their structural integrity, they be removed to prevent damage to you, your family, your employees or your property.

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If you need to build a new structure, have power lines near or just want to clear your property for simple aesthetic reasons, Frontier Tree Company can help you reach your goal.

We value yours and our staff’s safety and are a little obsessive when it comes to attention to detail.

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  • We follow the standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure that each job runs safely and efficiently. Frontier Tree Company has up-to-date equipment, experience, and the expertise to remove any tree in any situation.