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Tree Service & Tree Trimming Keyport, NJ

We are a locally owned family business with over 30 years of residential and commercial tree care and tree trimming experience. No job is too big for Frontier Tree Company and of course, we are insured for your protection. Our certified staff is ready to diagnosis and treat your trees. We can also help you navigate the City of Keyport permit process for tree removal.
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We are dedicated to providing professional services to our residential and commercial customers. From routine maintenance to emergency services, we want to be your local tree service. With over 30 years of service in Keyport, we offer the expertise and courteous service you deserve.

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Tree Maintenance and Proper Tree Trimming.

Trees add beauty and value to your home or business; professional maintenance of those trees improves their health and leads to longer tree life. At Frontier Tree Company, our services include regular tree trimming, pruning, and a firm understanding of how each tree responds to such maintenance. Our routine maintenance of your trees will improve the quality of your property.

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Maintenance vs Replacing

Part of any maintenance program includes assessing tree structure and saving trees that otherwise might die if untreated. If you have damaged or split trees, our team has the expertise to save them. We can assess the situation and install cables or braces as necessary to support the tree. This service, properly executed, can extend the life of your trees by decades.

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Keyport Tree Trimming is Vital

With Keyport hot summers, cold winters and extended periods of drought, the right tree service is so important. Proper tree trimming and maintenance includes regular pruning or removal of branches to improve the life of the whole tree. Tree trimming is often initiated to remove dead or diseased parts of the tree before the affect the rest of the tree or other trees. Trimming a tree also benefits surrounding vegetation by providing increased air flow and sunlight. Done correctly, tree trimming creates stronger trees that do not have branches threatening structures, power lines, or other parts of your property.

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Sometimes, a Tree Dies and Tree Removal is the Only Option.

Tree removal is a complicated and dangerous task. If you have a tree that needs removal, be sure to hire the best. At Happy Tree Service, our skilled staff has the ability to expertly cut down your trees without damaging surrounding structures or negatively impacting the overall aesthetics of your property. Additionally, if a storm or other unexpected accident causes tree damage, our team is ready to help in a quick and efficient manner.

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Quality and Care

Frontier Tree Company is focused on building trusted relationships through hard work, integrity, and dedication to our customers. Our long-standing experience in the Keyport area, combined with certified expertise in arboreal issues, results in services that are designed to improve the life of your trees. We encourage you to contact us to review your needs and let us work with you to create and maintain your property.

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    At Frontier Tree Company, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We view every new customer as the beginning of a life long relationship, and we are confident that once you become a Happy Tree Service customer you will never use another tree service. Our confidence comes from our passion for high quality tree care and our uncompromising dedication to customer service. Check out our reviews or give us a call for a list of referrals.