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Lake Como Tree Services

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Frontier Tree Company in Lake Como, NJ

Are you in need of tree trimming or tree removal services for your home or business? Contact Custom Tree Surgeons today for a FREE ESTIMATE. We are available 24/7 to assist you with all of your tree service needs.
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Hiring the Right Tree Service Company

At Frontier Tree Company we have been in the tree service industry for over 30 years. Our longevity is due to our attention to detail and always making sure our customers are satisfied with the service we provide. Our services are tailored to every aspect of residential and commercial tree care in Lake Como, NJ. Being one of the largest Tree Removal companies in Lake Como we have serviced thousands of local residents and businesses and our references speak for themselves. We only employee the highest caliber tree professionals and we utilize the best equipment to make sure we complete the job safely and efficiently.

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What to look for when hiring tree removal services:

Does the company have valid insurance? Do they have both Liability and Workers Compensation?
Are they licensed to work in Lake Como, NJ?
Don’t be shy, ask for references.
Has the tree company been in business for a long time?
Are they a Licensed Arborist?
Do they have the right equipment for the job?

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NEVER TRY TO TRIM OR REMOVE A TREE YOURSELF! Trimming and removing trees is extremely dangerous and should only be left to the professionals who know how to properly handle the trimming and removal of trees. Typically, the larger the tree, the more dangerous and difficult the pruning or removal will be. At Frontier Tree Company our Lake Como experts have years of experience and expertise, while utilizing state of the art equipment to keep your tree service project safe, on budget and on time.

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We offer Tree Removal Services in Lake Como, NJ and surrounding areas

A dead or dying tree can be extremely dangerous and should be removed immediately. Whether by a strong wind or just the trees instability it can collapse without warning, causing damage to your home or property. In these types of situations, you want to make sure you are proactive in addressing the removal of a dead or dying tree.

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At no time should a home owner or property manager try and remove the tree themselves, as this could cause severe injury or even death. Every year dozens of people are hospitalized in Lake Como because they tried to trim their trees or palms and they fell off a ladder, or they tried to remove a tree and have injured themselves or destroyed their property. To avoid these types of situations it is important to hire a licensed, professional tree removal company in Lake Como.

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Custom Tree Surgeons has been providing residential and commercial tree removal services for almost 30 years. We service all Lake Como. There is no job too big for us to handle; whether you need one tree to be removed or the clearing of several acres we do it all. We specialize in dangerous and technical removal of large trees. We offer the use of cranes combined with heavy equipment to ensure a safe and efficient service, while also saving our customers time and money.

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  • There are several factors that will determine the cost of your tree removal service. Every job is unique and the complexity of the job will dictate the overall cost of removal.

    Lake Como Tree Removal Factors that Can Affect your Cost:

    1. The number of trees that need to be removed.
    2. The size of the tree (height & width)
    3. Tree placement can affect cost if they are near power lines, or if they are over a home or business
    4. Emergency situations where there is an increased risk of the tree falling on a home, or they have fallen on or near power lines.

    Our highly skilled and experienced staff will remove your unhealthy tree(s), providing a safe environment for your home and family. It is important to always call a licensed Lake Como Arborist to handle the trimming or removal of a tree. If you need the removal of an unwanted, dead or dying tree or you have multiple trees that need to be removed, call us today for a Free Estimate Lake Como.