Loch Arbour Tree Services

Loch Arbour Tree Services

Tree Services Loch Arbour

Tree Services Loch Arbour Company

Complete Tree Care in the Greater Loch Arbour Area


Trees provide beauty and shade to any property, but they also come with the responsibility of maintenance. When branches get long enough to threaten buildings or power lines, it’s important to have an experienced tree service company address the situation before it creates a problem.
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At Frontier Tree Company., we’ve been serving the Greater Arbour area since 2000 with complete care, and our certified staff arborist can assist with a variety of different projects:

Emergency service

Fast 24/7 Response for Emergency Situations

When a limb comes down in the middle of the night, emergency tree service is the first step toward recovery from the damage. Whether one of your trees is leaning due to inclement weather or weak limbs need to be trimmed back before they fall, we’re ready to respond 24/7 to your residential or commercial issues. We’ll show up at your property and assess the situation before making a recommendation for tree trimming, removal or any other service option. Our crews meet every OSHA safety requirement, and they also have workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

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Contact Frontier Tree Company. whenever you need help with one of your trees. Why let a potentially dangerous situation wait until morning when you can take advantage of our 24-hour response services and resolve the problem immediately? Don’t put lives, buildings and vehicles at risk because you were stuck waiting for an appointment.

Residential & Commercial Tree Services Near Me Loch Arbour

To learn about all of our different tree work options or schedule an appointment to get a free estimate for normal maintenance, call our office today at 732.671.0372

Professional Tree Care for Commercial and Residential Clients

When you purchase a property for your home or business, you take responsibility for the upkeep of the building and all of the surrounding land, which includes trees.

Best Loch Arbour Tree Services

While wooded areas are a beautiful part of our delicate ecosystem, unchecked growth can lead to a vast array of problems, which is why you need a reliable residential or commercial tree service at your disposal.

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For more than a decade, customers have trusted Frontier Tree Company. to manage these large plants and respond to emergency situations when necessary.

Pruning, Removal and Fertilization Loch Arbour

Tree Trimming, Land Development and More

Our relatively mild climate allows a wide variety of species to grow, which is why any commercial or residential tree service company needs to be able to solve a full spectrum of problems. Our staff of certified professionals is fully insured, and we’re ready to help meet all of your needs, including:

Tree removal
Bucket truck work
Land development
View enhancement
Tree trimming and topping
Debris hauling
Land clearing
Palm tree maintenance

While many of our offerings are designed to enhance aesthetics or manage growth, there might be times when you need emergency tree service.

  • Save Your Tree Loch Arbour
  • If a thunderstorm brings down a limb or your branches are threatening power lines, feel free to call us at any time of the day or night.