Manalapan Township Tree Services

Tree Services Manalapan Township

Tree Services Manalapan Township

Tree Services Manalapan Township Company

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Frontier Tree Company serves clients in Manalapan Township and surrounding NJ areas.
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Tree Pruning

All of our pruning is aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is canopy shaping or risk reduction, we want trees to look natural and beautiful. We are skilled at all pruning systems and styles. We also perform stump grinding, root pruning and tree removals.

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Risk reduction

Preventative pruning can mitigate the risk of tree failure. End-weight reduction and canopy containment are good ways to mitigate risk. Over thinning and removing inner green can increase risk. Frontier Tree Company is an ISA qualified Tree Risk Assessor and can provide risk assessment reports.

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we love planting TREEs

Healthy trees are an asset to your property. This should begin with tree selection. Planting the right tree for the right spot means choosing a tree species that can thrive and tolerate the conditions of each unique micro environment.

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Arborist Reports, Tree Protection Plans, and Risk Assessment

We provide professional opinions and observations to assist where documentation is required.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

PHC (Plant Health Care) is a holistic approach to evaluating a tree’s condition. IPM (Integrated pest management) is an ecosystem-based strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests and their damage.

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Instruction and Lectures

Frontier Tree Company gives pruning lectures for Friends of the Urban Forest and has also lectured for SF Professional Gardner’s Association and SF City College. He also does educational, walking Tree Tours annually for Friends of the Urban Forest.

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    We’ll assess your unique situation and provide professional advice and guidance.