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Frontier Tree Company Tree Service is the most reliable and professional tree removal and tree care service Roosevelt, NJ has to offer. We provide an array of tree services including tree removal, tree pruning, tree care and many other tree related services.

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Through the years we have safely removed over one million dangerous and unwanted trees. We have also pruned, trimmed, treated and saved twice that many.

Roosevelt is known as the queen city and we like to refer to the magnificent trees that compose Roosevelt urban forest as the jewels on her crown. Even the most beautiful jewel starts with a rough stone. We see the beauty in trees that may be a little rough around the edges and we know how to cut and shape them to become that beautiful gem that withstands the test of time. We are also able to recognize trees that do not have the potential to shine. Our certified arborist are experts in identifying and removing hazardous and unwanted trees.

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Here at Roosevelt tree service we employ a highly qualified staff of tree service professionals that are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service possible. Our number one goal is to see you happy. No matter what service you need we promise to do the best job at the lowest possible rate. Whether it’s a pesky tree that you want removed or a sick tree that needs treatment we are the right choice.

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Each tree removal that we perform is different. Every tree possesses a unique set of circumstances and conditions that makes it different from every other tree removal. Location, size, proximity to surrounding structures, branching formation and so many other things come into play when removing a tree.

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While just about anyone can cut a tree down that is in the middle of a field. It takes a skilled, trained and experienced professional to safely remove trees from the urban environment.

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Our teams of certified arborists and tree climbers possess the necessary experience training and skills to safely and efficiently remove your unwanted and hazardous trees.

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  • We really, really take pride in what we do and we honestly love it. Tree removal takes a delicate combination of art, science engineering, brute strength, common sense and courage. For us, it goes farther than simply removing trees. We not only want to remove the tree, we want to be the best at removing it. The absolute best. It is our goal to leave your property better than we found it.