Shrewsbury Township Tree Services

Shrewsbury Township Tree Services

Tree Services Shrewsbury Township

Tree Services Shrewsbury Township Company

Create a Beautiful Yard with Frontier Tree Company in Shrewsbury Township, NJ

Your yard should look as beautiful and put-together as the interior of your home. However, you might not have the time or resources for such an undertaking. Don’t tackle this project on your own—call Frontier Tree Company for planting, cabling, and tree care services in Shrewsbury Township, NJ
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General Shrub and Tree Care
We won’t just plant the trees; we’ll use professional techniques to make sure they stay healthy, including specific fertilization programs and insect control. We’ll even help you with root watering programs.

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Pruning and Trimming
Has your tree or shrub grown where it shouldn’t? Our experts will trim it so it doesn’t interfere with power lines, windows, roofs, and other trees.

Tree Removal
Sometimes you have a tree that starts to break apart the road or foundation with its roots. If we can’t find a way to preserve it, we’ll remove it for you.

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Stump Grinding
Stumps don’t look attractive in the middle of a lawn or flowerbed, so call us if you need any removed.

Lawn Aeration and Fertilization
We’ll make sure your lawn stays vibrant green and free of weeds and dead patches.

Do your trees need a little extra support? Cables between limbs reduce the strain on the tree, supporting it during bad weather.

Tree Removal in Shrewsbury Township, NJ
Frontier Tree Company for Your Tree Removal in Shrewsbury Township, NJ
Tree removal can be a tricky business. You need to watch out for other plants, homes, power lines, and other safety concerns. To get the job done right, hire a company with a wealth of knowledge and experience that always has safety as its number one priority.

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When you choose Frontier Tree Company, you work with certified arborists. Tree removal is a very technical, delicate task. Our arborists are prepared to address liability, aesthetics, health, and overall environmental impact when we remove your tree.

All our arborists have at least three years of experience. They have also all taken and passed a comprehensive tree care test created by some of the best experts in the country.

Pruning, Removal and Fertilization Shrewsbury Township

At Frontier Tree Company, we only used the best equipment because we truly care about your trees. Our arborists will explore alternative options before performing any tree removal. Shrewsbury Township, residents can trust that we will look into all available options. If there is a safe way to preserve your beloved tree, we will find it.

Methods we use include:

Trimming and pruning
Treating existing diseases
Preventing potential diseases
Tree removal can be difficult in both suburban and urban landscapes, but we are up to the challenge! Trees must be dismantled carefully with specialized equipment in order to avoid damage to your home and other property.

At Frontier Tree Company, we know that each tree is unique and we will use the proper equipment for your specific landscape to ensure a safe, efficient job well done.

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  • What are you waiting for? We are licensed and insured in the metro area of Shrewsbury Township. Tree removal doesn’t have to cause you a lot of stress. Let us help you with your tree troubles. We offer a 100% guarantee to our customers.